Thursday, September 16, 2010

CoS "Top 100 Albums Ever"

So, suffice it to say things have been quite busy. There's about (and this is just an approximation) a kerjillion things I haven't posted since January. Huge stuff. Hopefully I'll have a chance to lay out some of the finer points soon. The flickr feed to the right has some recent stuff, also Nerdy Show and my Consequence of Sound page should give you an idea of what's up. For now, here's the latest:

Consequence of Sound recently celebrated it’s third birthday. For this momentous occasion we decided to have a momentous article - “Consequence of Sound’s Top 100 Albums Ever”. In order to compile this list, every staffer at CoS had to produce a list of their 30 favorite albums. After that, the CEO, the President, and myself compiled the rest. It was definitely difficult. We considered albums’ influence, lasting relevance, and took into account the lists of the staff. Our goal was to make a list that was interesting and fun, something we could live with, which might be the most difficult part when it comes to these sort of things. No one will ever agree with someone else’s list - we’ve learned that from our past “Top Albums” articles. This list is far from perfect or definitive (there’s no such thing) and there’s not a one of us who wouldn’t change something on it, but it’s ours.

When I was making my top 30 list I was moving albums around on the floor, trying to wrap my head around the task and create an order that was, as I said before, something I “could live with”. In doing this I ended up pushing some of them back past the 30 mark, comparing what came before them, rearranging, etc. In order to really get a perspective on what I was doing and what I was going to submit to CoS as my top 30, a top 50 just sort of happened. Looking back at my own list there’s an awful lot I’d change, some things I forgot, some placement that I could debate with myself about, but I love these albums and I don’t give a damn what order they're in. Click the image below to check out my full list as well as my unedited write-ups from the CoS article:

Something else that's in the pipe is a full-sized poster I'm doing that visually represents each of the albums on the list. The featured image at the CoS article is just a fragment of the whole thing.

Consequence of Sound’s Top 100 Albums Ever
I did write-ups for #s 99, 66, 57, 55, 25, 17, & 7

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