Thursday, January 28, 2010

NERDY SHOW Season 3 (now an LLC)!

When Triforce Mike, Hex, and I went out on our own to start recording Nerdy Show (which we jokingly called "season 2" after our six month stint on WPRK) we didn't expect even remotely how popular it would be. The original Nerdy Show trio plus our recurring "season 1" guest, Atomic Robo and 8-Bit Theater writer/creator Brian Clevinger, have made an uncanny team . Over the past 5 months and 14 episodes we've had some outstanding interviews such as chiptunes mega-star Pixelh8, the breakthrough electro pop rock band I Fight Dragons, and Ninja Pizza's Roseangelo. What's more, our monthly special, Dungeons & Doritos, where we play a live game of Dungeons & Dragons, is a smash success. (We've even received fan art of our characters.)
We decided to have a season finale, ending with our Top 20 Nerdy THINGS of 2009 list (which got us recognized by the official Red Dwarf homepage). After three weeks of regrouping and strategy, we've returned, not just as Nerdy Show season 3, but as Nerdy Show LLC. That's right, Nerdy Show is now a Limited Liability Company, of which I am the registered agent. We're getting structured and preparing for a massive onslaught of awesomeness for the year to come. Our first episode, "Season 3 With a Vengeance" is up, episode 4 of Dungeons & Doritos is on its way, and next Tuesday's episode will feature the winners of the contest we launched last year, Tetris Rap Attack including a live interview with Astronautalis! There's even more contests and interviews planned, we're the official podcast of Nerdapalooza, and we're covering Star Wars Celebration V from the inside, so keep your eyes on and our twitter for all the coolness coming your way.

NERDY SHOW - Season 2

NERDY SHOW - Season 3

Nerdy Show presents: Dungeons & Doritos

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