Saturday, January 2, 2010

CoS Top of 2009/ Media Potluck's Christmas Podcasts

Hey there, a little late posting this. What can I say, December was a busy month. I filmed a music video with Charlie Honderick for his song "Keeping Track" (more on that soon) and that consumed most of the month.

Much as CoS celebrated the end of the decade, we celebrated the end of 2009 with a list of the Top 100 Albums and Top 50 Songs. I enjoyed doing the write-ups, but what I enjoyed even more was making the graphic for the Year End Report (as seen above).

CoS Top 100 Albums of 2009

Albums I did write-ups for:

23) Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
47) Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
78) The Protomen - Act II: Father of Death
80) Pixelh8 - Obsolete?
87) Gil Mantera's Party Dream - Dreamscape

CoS Top 50 Songs of 2009

And I did the write up for song #29, Moby's "Mistake".
As with the Top of the 2000s lists, you can see my personal Top of 2009 lists HERE, at my blog for things not entirely news and update-like.

Last year, I compiled an album-length holiday music compilation for Media Potluck, called Media Potluck Holiday Feast. The collection was an eclectic alternative to the usual blechy holiday music, with a write-up for every track. This year, Media Potluck debuted Volume 2 of the Holiday Feast as well as the first episode of our semi-regular podcast, Media PODluck, with the yuletide-themed Media Potluck: A Christmas Evening Together.

Media Potluck Holiday Feast Volume 1 (2008)

Media Potluck Holiday Feast Volume 2 (2009)

Media PODluck: A Christmas Evening Together

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