Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sled Island Showcase Poster

In addition to being a writer for the music blog Consequence of Sound, I've recently become their art director. This is a poster I designed for their 5 band showcase at the Sled Island Festival which starts today in Calgary, Alberta. All elements were hand drawn (or tea-stained in the case of the background) and then composited and colored in Photoshop. The style of the poster is based on the festival's hand-drawn/ hand written cursive style as seen on their website. There are cute viking-bunny doodles all over the website which I took to be the mascot. After a bit of doodling I took into account just how metal vikings are and just how badass rabbits can be (*cough* Watership Down) and whipped up the metal viking bunny.

- Cap

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Alexander said...

Awesome stuff. As always.