Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art of Spring 2009

This Spring my drawing work was focused on human anatomy. The result was more studies and scraps with less displayable, finished works than before. I certainly took a lot from it, though.

As before, these drawings are large, around 24x36 inches, and on either newsprint or Arches paper. The anatomical projects varied a lot from a simple skeleton study, to making drawings of a perfectly healthy model obese and emaciated, or designing a fictional skull:My best selections from this semester can be found in the Illustration Hits set on my flickr account. Three additional sets of my less-polished work from the semester can be found here:

Figure Studies Spring 09 I
Figure Studies Spring 09 II
Larger than Life Skeleton

There's one more piece from the spring that's yet to be uploaded. It's very large and very unfinished, I'll be taking progress pictures of it as it gets worked on and posting them.
As always, with another passing season comes another volley of in-class doodles. I've recently expired the mini-sketchbook I carry with me everywhere, and have harvested two final collections of doodles from that. Finally, just for fun, I've compiled all of my 12oz. Mouse doodles into one image.
- Cap

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