Monday, June 15, 2009

5 New CoS Articles - All In One Weekend!

This weekend has yielded a bumper crop of Consequence of Sound articles by yours truly. 2 video reviews, one interview, an Audio Archaeology article, and a news article. Why so much all at once? Well, some of it was backlogged, but mostly nearly all the other writers were at Bonaroo getting rained on. Someday I too will get rained on at Bonnaroo, but until then... Read:

Last month I interviewed up-and-coming rapper, Izza Kizza. He's been releasing album-length mixtapes for free online.

Interview: Izza Kizza

Yet again, I've reworked a past Media Potluck post into an Audio Archaeology article for CoS. This is an expansion of my article for one of my favorite rock operas ever, Hooverphonic Presents: Jackie Cane.

Audio Archaeology: Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane (2002)

One of CoS's regular article types is "Watch", which reviews individual music videos. Previously I'd only done one, on Feist's "The Water". This weekend I wrote two:

Watch: Darker, moodier Moby rides in on “Pale Horses”

Watch: Depeche Mode soldiers on in “Peace”

Lastly, I did an article on the upcoming DJ simulator game, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. The Guitar Hero spin-off, DJ Hero has been getting a lot of press lately so I thought the more realistic, Rock Band-esque alternative disserved some face time.

Can Numark's Scratch kick DJ Hero to the curb?


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