Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Bi-Monthly Column & A Weekly Radio Show

I'm now part of the Consequence of Sound team, full-fledged, and with my own recurring feature. This feature, Audio Archaeology, is an extension of Media Potluck focusing on just our music posts. Audio Archaeology will appear simultaneously as both a Potluck post and a CoS article. Additional CoS articles by me will continue on a more regular basis.For the last three weeks (and the foreseeable future) I've been a co-host on local Rollins College radio program, Talk Nerdy to Me. Along with host Andrew Grey and fellow co-hosts: Aaron Haaland, Michael Pandel, and Hex, we put on a two hour show of nerdcore rap, news, and tom-foolery. Check us out, we're super fun.
- Cap

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