Friday, January 9, 2009

Art of Fall 2008 Part 1

The fall semester ended and so the drawings I produced then are now finding their way to the internet. Because I was doing a ton of studio art in drawing classes there really wasn't much time for personal stuff. The one major drawing I have of my own accord is this portrait of the Ninja Turtles character, Ninjara.Ninjara is a character from the Ninja Turtles comic series Eastman & Laids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures which was published by Archie. (Not the original comics where the Turtles all wear red bandannas by Mirage.) The series was originally based on the old cartoon show, but in due time gravitated far away from those kid-friendly beginnings towards much darker stories. Series writer Dean Clarrain (recently revealed to be a psudonym for Steve Murphy) crafted epic tales that tackled heavy environmental, political, religious, and emotional issues with awesome characters. 2009 is the Ninja Turtles 25th anniversary. There's a lot of awesome things happening this year including the republishing of some of the TMNT Adventures (most of which never saw reprinting) as well as the long-awaited finale to the series which never saw publication.

TMNT Adventures had a profound impact on me growing up and has been both and influence to my writing and my artwork. Series artist Chris Allen profoundly influenced my art style. I've written more on Chris Allen's influence in the write-up for the art posts. Both the color and the inked versions of this piece can be seen in my flickr gallery.
Every semester that goes by I collect all the doodlings in my notes and compile the best ones. I've been doing this since 8th grade. All together the pages form an interesting look at how my drawing skills have grown and changed. The fall semester was a bumper crop of doodles, four pages. You can see pages 16 through the latest, page 34, in my flickr archive.
Next up, I'll post the best of my large-scale studio drawings.

- Cap

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