Thursday, September 11, 2008

Projects & Developments - SEPT 11, 2008

The day has come at last! (Well, two days ago actually.) The I Hate This/ Raw Sewage 7" split I did cover art for finally dropped. You can pick up a copy HERE.

Similarly, sometime later this yearAfterbirth Books will be publishing a novel by Gina Ranalli that will feature my photo Mannequin & Vibrator on the cover. The book is aptly titled: "Still Life With Vibrator"!

On the writing front: late last month a pal and I premiered a blog called Media Potluck. Here, we share with the world eclectic and fascinating morsels of video, music, etc. from off the beaten path. Give us a look-see, won't you? We happily accept contributions, so if you've got something please bring it to the multimedia feast.

In the near future I will have some articles appearing on up and coming music blog Consequence of Sound including a concert review for Laurie Anderson, an interview with Astronautalis, and a review of his forthcoming album, Pomegranate. Posting dates forthcoming.

- Cap

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